Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rapid Mixture Granulator for Homogeneous Mixture of Materials

Sonus Rapid Mixer Granulator is a popular tool that is widely utilized by Pharma industry for dry mixing of powder and manufacturing tablets. Traditionally it was used by Pharma industry only, but scenario has changed today where it is used by multiple industries like the agricultural sector, chemical refineries, laboratories or textiles etc.

Sonus rapid mixer granulator machines are available in variety that can be picked up based on special industry needs and requirements. The machine is manufactured based on volumetric principle with matte finish, high quality control panel or good programming procedures. These types of machines are generally operated on low voltage and maintenance charges are also negligible. The only condition is that RMG machine should be purchased from leading manufacturers or suppliers only.

RMG Machine – Granulation Techniques

RMG machine is attached with filling or labeling machines for dry or wet granulation. The machine is available in the form of square pipe form. Further, sharp blades are also attached with mixing bowl to design different sized granules based on project needs or requirements. The machine has one control panel attached inside to control different functions automatically.

The sharp blades are responsible for homogeneous mixture of materials that are further compressed to manufacture quality tablets or capsules. The leading manufactures or suppliers make sure that the tablets are processed hygienically by following international quality guidelines or standards.

What are The Benefits of Rapid Mixer Granulator?
  • The granule particles are uniformly designed to form homogeneous mixture
  • Our RMG machine is easy to clean and maintain without making much effort.
  • This is highly efficient machine that speeds up tablet manufacturing process
  • The process is based on hygiene, manufacturing standards or quality guidelines.
  • This machine can be operated at low voltage with minimum operational charges.
  • They are available in custom specifications to suit special industry demands.

To know more about Rapid mixer Granulator, and to get a custom solution for RMG machine, contact expert manufacturers or suppliers right away.