Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Everything You Should Know About Pharmaceutical Tablet Machines

Tables are prepared after compressing a formulation that contains different drugs or other medications. The machines that are utilized for tablet manufacturing is popular with different names like tablet machines,presses,  tableting or manual capsule filling machines etc. To prepare a tablet, mix should be compressed in fine form and then it should be pressed with high force to form a tablet.

Tablet Machines Are Prepared by using different components like a hopper, dies, cam track, puncher, feeder, etc. Let us see working of each component in brief one by one –
  1. Hopper is used to hold materials inside the machine.
  2. Dies define size and shape of tablet like round, rectangular, square, heart shaped etc.
  3. Punches are used to compress the powdered mix to form a tablet
  4. Cam track is used to check movement of punches.
  5. The Feeder is used to feed the mixes and to move material between hopper and dies
Types Of Tableting Machines 
  1. Single station or eccentric tablet machines
  2. Multiple station or rotary tablet machines
How Tablet Machines Actually Works?
  1. We have already discussed on components for tableting machines. Now it would be easy for you to understand how it actually works.
  2. First of all, material is put inside so that it can be adjusted properly for further process.
  3. Now it is compressed to convert into powdered form so that it can raise powder to process further.
  4. Now compressed material will move between both punches to take its actual shape where heavy or small tablets are manufactured.
  5. Once the tablets are ready, they are ejected from the other end. Now they are packed with packaging machines and ready to export into the market.
Now you must be sure about tablet machines, Its Types And Working. After reading this article, it would be easy for you to decide the best solution for your industry.

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