Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rapid Mixture Granulator for Homogeneous Mixture of Materials

Sonus Rapid Mixer Granulator is a popular tool that is widely utilized by Pharma industry for dry mixing of powder and manufacturing tablets. Traditionally it was used by Pharma industry only, but scenario has changed today where it is used by multiple industries like the agricultural sector, chemical refineries, laboratories or textiles etc.

Sonus rapid mixer granulator machines are available in variety that can be picked up based on special industry needs and requirements. The machine is manufactured based on volumetric principle with matte finish, high quality control panel or good programming procedures. These types of machines are generally operated on low voltage and maintenance charges are also negligible. The only condition is that RMG machine should be purchased from leading manufacturers or suppliers only.

RMG Machine – Granulation Techniques

RMG machine is attached with filling or labeling machines for dry or wet granulation. The machine is available in the form of square pipe form. Further, sharp blades are also attached with mixing bowl to design different sized granules based on project needs or requirements. The machine has one control panel attached inside to control different functions automatically.

The sharp blades are responsible for homogeneous mixture of materials that are further compressed to manufacture quality tablets or capsules. The leading manufactures or suppliers make sure that the tablets are processed hygienically by following international quality guidelines or standards.

What are The Benefits of Rapid Mixer Granulator?
  • The granule particles are uniformly designed to form homogeneous mixture
  • Our RMG machine is easy to clean and maintain without making much effort.
  • This is highly efficient machine that speeds up tablet manufacturing process
  • The process is based on hygiene, manufacturing standards or quality guidelines.
  • This machine can be operated at low voltage with minimum operational charges.
  • They are available in custom specifications to suit special industry demands.

To know more about Rapid mixer Granulator, and to get a custom solution for RMG machine, contact expert manufacturers or suppliers right away.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Indexing On A Semi-Automatic Filling Machine Explain By SonuS International

What is Indexing On A Semi-Automatic

Indexing means movement of different containers and bottles inside filling areas to fill it properly with liquid. If filling machines like Automatic Liquid Filling Machines, Blister Packing Machine, Manual capsule filling machines  are designed properly, then it automatically adjusts or fills bottles one by one based on decided quantity. Bottles are first placed into proper position and hold down properly until it is not filled completely. Now filled bottle will be released further and other will occupy the filling space.


The Factors Which Are Responsible For Indexing 

 Screws, Wheels And Pins 
There are various factors responsible for proper indexing like screws, wheels, pins, etc. These altogether decide on the performance of semi-automatic filling machine. The proper indexing is beneficial in different ways like consistent filling, speedy operations, or cost effectiveness, etc. This also reduced the requirement of labors speeds up filling operation up to 10 times. There are few machines that offer filling and packaging services together. 

PLC (Programmable Logical Controllers)
If we talk technically then almost very filling machine has one PLC (programmable logical controllers) unit fixed inside to make the indexing easy and simple always. This depends on you about adjusting on actual indexing time and to make several configuration settings that are required to run bottles and continuous filling together.
Power Conveyors

Almost every Semi-automatic filling machine has guideline chart written on power conveyors and the area should be adjusted based on instructions only other it may result into bottle jams at the end. This is really difficult to calculate the actual time for indexing and several adjustments has to be made when bottles are running along power conveyor belt. 

Need Proper Adjustment For Indexing
If adjustments are not done properly then it may hinder the progress of the container over power conveyor belt. Here,the actual time for indexing will get slowed down than it was expected or calculated. To ease the process, set the height of the belt first and make proper adjustments for free movement along the line. Proper adjustments always give better stability to the process.

Once you have been set down indexing time properly, then add one extra bottle at the entry line to check the filling operation. These are some tips to ease the filling process and assured results at the end always.

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    Wednesday, 13 January 2016

    Go Green with Eco-Friendly Blister Packing Machine in India

    Is it possible to design Eco friendly blister packing machines in india? If we talk about a decade back then we cannot agree the statement. But if we talk about the present then it is possible to design cutting edge machineries that are not only effective but environmental friendly in nature.

    First of all, it is necessary to analyze machine parts step by step, focus on material quality and manufacturing techniques too that should not harm the environment in any possible way. For this purpose, manufacturing process should be Eco - friendly and it should not impact environment throughout the life cycle.

    Today, there are plenty of resources who have already started manufacturing Eco - friendly blister packing machines after considering all possible environmental effects and damages. These are semi - automatic machines suitable for packing products from low to medium quantities. From detailed discussion, it is clear that Eco friendly machines have zero impact on air and water resources, energy resources and carbon footprints.

    It took a few minutes analysis to judge that aluminium is always more suspected to environmental damages than plastic material. At the same time, plastic is strong enough to bear heavy load requirements. Plastic is available in different grades in market and color choices are available to suit various project needs.

    Further, pneumatic cylinder should be exchanged with electrical cylinder that usually consumes less energy and more environmental friendly. Further detailed analysis for Eco friendly blister packing machines is also available online. You can go through the report to get an idea why go green energy solutions for various manufacturing machines have become vital today.

    Even government also supports these type of projects immensely and gives tax relaxation and other benefits too for the people working on green projects. In future, more and more organizations are expected to move towards go green campaign and Eco - friendly energy solutions to manufacture more innovative environmental friendly solutions.

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